Tankteknik i Sverige AB

With the expertise in the field of welding, hydraulics, and electronics industries, serving, and repairing Tankteknik in all kinds of containers, tanks, and tankers. 

Our specialties:
ADR tanks, pressure testing, repair, försäkringsarbete, but also to transfers of tanks, chassis, årskontroller, SPBI control.

Our experienced and knowledgeable staff to service the thoughts of the dangerous goods from the whole of the northern part of sweden. 

If the request is given as a fixed-price, large-scale repairs 

You can find us on the Löransvägen 15, in Njurunda.

The J.E.A.R group

The group is focusing on the complete delivery of the steel constructions, machinery and peripheral equipment for the process, power, construction, and engineering industries.

Our other strength and equipment is i.a. mobile units for manufacturing, assembly, service and maintenance in the areas of process, chemistry, construction and power industry etc.