Waplans MekaNiska Sundsvall AB

På Waplans Mekaniska Sundsvall arbetar licencierade welders and certified processors efter ISO 3834-2 och ISO  1090-1

Our range of machinery includes, among other things: (j)uariasti fivebäddfräs Elgamill boardlångsvarv Ford, union, Karusellsvarv Dörres

I plåtverkstaden tillverkas bland else:

  • Beam constructions
  • Storage
  • Segment pipe
  • Screws
  • Packaging
  • Hurricane
  • Cutting details
  • Pressure vessel

Our customers is among the other:

Valmet, Noyron/Akzo Nobel Billerud-KorsnäsPRODUCTS

Machine list


Juariasti five 

X:10000, Y: 2620, Z 400

30 ton


Bäddfräs Elgamill board

X:4290, Y: 1680, Z:9000

2 ton


Långsvarv Skoda 12 m

X: 10000, Y 1000

11 ton

UNION Arborrverk

Union Arborrverk

X:1600, Y: 1200, Z:1490

2 ton


Karusellsvarv Dörres

X:1250, Y: 1000

1 ton

The J.E.A.R group

The group is focusing on the complete delivery of the steel constructions, machinery and peripheral equipment for the process, power, construction, and engineering industries.

We also offer a comprehensive range of services, in which everything, from the very broad helhetsprojekt for compact fit.

Our other strength and equipment is i.a. mobile units for manufacturing, assembly, service and maintenance in the areas of process, chemistry, construction and power industry etc.