Waplans mekaniska verkstad AB

Waplans, founded in 1839, located 30 km to the west of Östersund, sweden, has been focused on the repairs and maintenance service of the equipment in the vattenkraftsindustrin and barkningstrummor the pulp and paper industry. It is the first water turbine was manufactured in 1890, and the barkningstrummor has been in production since 1937. At the end of 2008 when the Andritz AB took over the Waplan, the main focus has been on the vattenkraftsindustrin.

In december of 2022, be withdrawn, with the new owners, in the name of Waplans Mekaniska Verkstad AB  

Using our unique skills and equipment, to be committed to the customer, create value, and the conditions are too heavy, and sustainable manufacturing.

Waplans Mekaniska Verkstad to be the main alternative for the processing vattenkraftsindustrin, pulp & paper, mining, and industry. We are going to be a cost-effective, near to the supplier with a focus on the northern part of Sweden, Norway, sweden and Finland.

Machine list

WOTAN Horizontal borer

Type: Horizontal borer (460)
3 axes, Manual control 

The Union of Horizontal borer

Type: In 3 axes (+rotary table, CNC Heidenhain; up to 1000 rpm

The Dimension of the work LxWxH's LxT or DIAxL [mm]: 8700x2520x900

Load capacity: 40 tons 10 ton rotary table

Nissan Horizontal borer

Type: In 3 axes (+rotary table, CNC, Siemens, max 1500, the city of rome.

The Dimension of the work LxWxH's LxT or DIAxL [mm]: 7800x4000x4000

Load capacity: 40 ton

Schiess Froriep - Vertical lathe

Type: 3 axes, CNC, NOW Schneider). The C-axis with live tools; maximum of 72 rpm

The Dimension of the work LxWxH's LxT or DIAxL [mm] 8500×2500

Load capacity [t] 45

Waldrich Siegen Horizontal lathe

Type: 3 axes, CNC, Siemens; max-225 rpm

The Dimension of the work LxWxH's LxT or DIAxL [mm] in 1660×10000

Load capacity [ton] 35

LAGUN Vertical mill

Type: 3 axes, CNC, Heidenhain, max 2500 rpm

The Dimension of the work LxWxH's LxT or DIAxL [mm] 2000x1000x1200

Load capacity [t] 5

Daewoo PUMA Horizontal lathe

Type: 3 axes, CNC, Fanuc, max at 1500 rpm live tools
The Dimension of the work LxWxH's LxT or DIAxL [mm] 1030 x 3000

Load capacity [t] 3


Traverser 100 ton

Mobil bearbetning

Vi utför mobilbearbetning genom svarvning, fräsning, slipning och borrning. Konstruktion och 3D modellering för optimering av våra maskiner inför varje uppdrag.

Mobilsvarvar: För svarvning & fräsning av diametrar 1800-7000mm.     
Gluggsvarv: För invändig svarvning av exempelvis skovelgluggar löphjul.
Hyllsvarv: Svarvning, fräsning och slipning av roterande arbetsstycke.
Kilspårsfräs: Fräsning av invändiga och utvändiga spår och plan, med längder upp till 2400 mm.
Listspårsfräs: Frässlid för bearbetning av spår och plan med längder upp till 1200 mm.
Linjeborrning: Arborrning av hål utifrån uppmätt  centrumlinje. Längder upp till 3500 mm.
Samborrning: Arborrning av exempelvis axelkopplingar. Längdkapacitet 600 mm. 
Verifiering: Mätning med högprecisions laser och traditionella mätverktyg.

The J.E.A.R group

The group is focusing on the complete delivery of the steel constructions, machinery and peripheral equipment for the process, power, construction, and engineering industries.

We also offer a comprehensive range of services, in which everything, from the very broad helhetsprojekt for compact fit.

Our other strength and equipment is i.a. mobile units for manufacturing, assembly, service and maintenance in the areas of process, chemistry, construction and power industry etc.