Quality & environment

Quality and environmental policy

Our main strength is the level of quality and service. It is a guiding principle that pervades the
all of our work and to all of our staff. This, along with a number of very good medleverantörer and business partners, we, by far, may have to live up to our own and our customers ' needs.

We are certified in accordance with: 

  • ISO 3834-2
  • ISO 1090-1
  • ISO 14001

Quality policy

We have a culture that is innebär an awareness of each stage of the the production process. Together, we are committed to the production, with a few interruptions, stable product quality, and have a complaint.


Genom kontinuerlig kompetensutveckling får vi en god produktionsförmåga genom våra kunniga
Our activities are carried out after a
apply författn
ingskrav. Our quality assurance and
ingssystem to develop
through the continuous news
insta. All of the employees in their day to day
the work of the people responsible for the quality policy are complied with.

Environmental policy

In our work, we work to prevent pollution and to reduce the burden imposed on nature and the environment, should be limited as much as possible. Our basic requirement is that the relevant legal requirements are met. In the choice of materials and production techniques, we take into account environmental factors.


We are committed to the efficient use of materials and energy in production. We sort the waste. Our freight services, we use a freight forwarder that allows for the loading of the cargo. Our own environmental policy, and our environmental management system we are developing, through continuous improvement. All of the employees in their day to day work is responsible for ensuring that the environmental policy is being adhered to.